5 Reasons why DOGAMÍ is pioneering the Future of Gaming with Tezos

With state-of-the-art technology at the heart of DOGAMÍ, it’s no surprise that Tezos was the blockchain of choice to adopt, raise, and earn with your virtual pet companion. The future of gaming must be built on solid foundations and after exploring a multitude of blockchain networks, we decided to make Tezos our ultimate choice. Here’s 5 reasons why.

  1. Clean NFTs: 2 Million Times Less Energy consuming than Traditional Blockchains

The increase in popularity of NFTs has raised concerns on the environmental impact of blockchain technology for the planet and minting — the process of creating NFTs themselves — is energy-intensive. Unlike other blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tezos uses 2 million times less energy!

Furthermore, minting 3 NFTs on Ethereum produces 915 pounds of C02 emissions, the equivalent weight of a polar bear whilst on Tezos, a mere 0.00054 lbs of CO2 is emitted — the approximate mass of a snowflake! That’s 170,000 times less CO2 in the atmosphere!

In terms of overall energy consumption, estimates place Ethereum at 26TWh/year (comparable to a country like Ecuador) whereas the energy used annually by Tezos is in the range of 60MWh. This makes Tezos the best choice for DOGAMÍ!

2. Astonishingly Low Gas Fees

Did you know? Green blockchain technology also goes hand in hand with small transaction fees! Tezos network users can enjoy collecting NFTs without having to pay high gas fees! With Ethereum transaction costs often reaching hundreds of dollars, minting NFTs is an expensive process. Tezos’ average gas fee is $0.00232. No contest.

3. A Democratic and Scalable Ecosystem for Many Users

Alongside low fees, Tezos stakeholders (those who maintain the network) vote on updates and improvements through a democratic process — one that will also be incorporated in the DOGAMÍ ecosystem! We want to ensure that all players can participate in the future of the game rather than a select few.

In addition, Tezos makes it possible to handle future in-game transactions at a faster rate: 40/second, compared to Ethereum’s (15/second — at time of writing)! This makes Tezos far more scalable. As more players join the ecosystem, they’ll experience the game without fear of failed transactions or network congestion.

4. Formal Proofs & Security

TL;DR: The Tezos smart contract language, “Michelson” enables a formal verification to be achieved. (For the boomers, formal verification is a mathematical approach to test logic and code.) This increases the correctness of the code and its security to ensure it does what it says it should.

5. Strong Community of Developers and Researchers

With all these advantages, Tezos has attracted a strong community of enthusiastic researchers and developers. The blockchain is backed by a fantastic & well-known team of engineers who are continuously adding new features!

The gaming industry is evolving and DOGAMÍ is at the forefront, offering an entirely new and unique play-to-earn experience built on true ownership of 3D NFT dog avatars.

Don’t miss out on our first NFT Drop (22.2.22) and stay up-to-date by joining our community:

Website: dogami.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dogami

Discord: discord.gg/dogami

Telegram: https://t.me/DogamiAnnouncement

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dogami/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dogami/

Please open a support ticket on our Discord server for questions and inquiries.

©2022 Dogami SARL

The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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