5 Ways to keep your DOGAMÍ assets secure

4 min readApr 29, 2022


If this is the first time you’ve been exposed to digital ownership, welcome aboard! Web3 is an exciting place but it can be rife with scams and daunting for newcomers.

We’re proud to bring a community of gaming, dog, blockchain, and crypto enthusiasts together, but we’re aware not everyone is equally crypto literate…

With this in mind, this article outlines some of the best practices to help you keep your digital assets secure. Here are 5 tips to keep your DOGAMÍ assets safe (and ready for the upcoming beta release of the game).

1. Use a Password Manager to Secure your Wallet

Whichever Tezos compatible wallet you’re using (Temple, Kukai and Airgap etc…), you’ll be prompted to choose a minimally secure password during the setup phase. We recommend using a password manager to generate a longer, more complex password that’s difficult to break. The longer it is, the safer your Dogamí and $DOGA will be! The image below testifies to the difficulty of breaking an 18 character password containing a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure you’re in the green zone for ultimate safety.

Here are a couple of password manager suggestions to get started: 1Password, Lastpass, and Bitwarden.

Choose a long password for peace of mind

As password managers act as a repository for your passwords in general, a “master” password will be also be required to unlock your account should you wish to gain access to your wallet.

It’s important to choose a distinct master password that is different from your other passwords. Why? Imagine you used the same password across all platforms, and one of these platforms got hacked and your password got compromised… If this happens, the hackers could gain access to all of your other accounts.

As an additional layer of security, consider implementing a multi-factor system of authentification for your password manager via SMS, an app like Google Authenticator or better still through a hardware solution such as YubiKey offering very strong 2FA.

Pro Tip: Use your Tezos wallet on a separate navigator (ie, if you only use Google Chrome for your daily internet activity, choose Firefox for your wallet activities).

2. Never Reveal Your Seed Phrase to Anyone

NEVER, EVER. The seed phrase is normally a list of 12 or 24 words that enables you to reset your wallet should you forget your password. DOGAMÍ will never ask you for your seed phrase for any reason whatsoever.

If you lose it or forget it, you’ll lose access to your wallet and to your digital assets. If you give your phrase to someone else, they have control over your digital assets.

Be sure to back it up: write it down on some paper/store it on another file/via cloud storage/invest in a metal storage solution.

3. Check our Official Links

Always be sure you’re visiting an official link when visiting the DOGAMÍ website. The dedicated 🔗│official-links channel on our Discord is your friend, be sure to use it!

Phishing and scam websites have appeared in the past (before they were reported and taken down). Google ad scams have also manifested in the general Metaverse space:

Decentraland was targeted by Google Ad scammers (notice the URL is spelled differently).

Looking to purchase on secondary markets? Do your due diligence! At the time of writing, Dogamí NFTs are not available on Opensea. This doesn’t stop copyminters (users who copy the NFT assets) from creating collections fraudulently and selling them to unsuspecting buyers.

Our collections are currently only available through our proprietary marketplace, Rarible.com & OBJKT.com.

The Official DOGAMÍ collection on OBJKT.com (check for the blue badge)

4. Follow us on Social Media

The DOGAMÍ family is 160K members strong and growing daily! Our Discord allows us to inform you about our latest announcements (this is very important, especially during minting for example) but also of any current exploits and scams.

As a reminder:

  • Disable your DMs on Discord (we will never reach out to you, nor will our partners)
  • Check the Twitter account is @Dogami if you receive a reply to your tweet

5. Use Cold Storage Wallets

If you want an extra layer of security, consider a hard/cold storage wallet such as Ledger. “Hot wallets” are always connected to the internet and users (but also hackers) simply need a password to get access to the private keys of the wallet. Private keys are critical as they are used to sign transactions.

Hardware wallets offer an extra layer of security in that they are not connected to the internet and present a physical barrier to hackers who might try to steal your funds (you need to physically connect them in order to use them).

Follow the tutorial below to store you DOGAMÍ assets on a Ledger (make sure you close Ledger Live first as this can interfere with the process).

If these tips are already familiar to you, we hope they’ve served as a reminder! Why not share this article with a fellow Dogamer?

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