Community Update #14

5 min readNov 3, 2023

Dear Dogamers, we are steadily moving through Q4 as we watch the magic unfold! But before we unveil the tricks up our sleeve for the month to come, let’s take a peek at what went down last month in Community Update #14! ⬇️

DOGAMÍ Academy Early Access Announced 👀

The official date for the Early Access version of DOGAMÍ Academy has finally been announced for 7th November! Make sure you put this date into your calendars!

The Early Access launch is exclusively for Dogamí NFT holders so if you haven’t adopted one yet, head over to the marketplace to get one before the games begin! 👉

This Early Access launch follows the hugely successful Tech Launch phase that we concluded on 30th October! The whole team at DOGAMÍ would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the participants for their invaluable feedback, bug reports and comments throughout this period.

222 Tech Launch testers had access to DOGAMÍ Academy for just under 2 weeks to test the game in real conditions. The main goal of this launch was to stress test the system, flag potential bugs and gather feedback on the core game loop and features to ensure that we were ready for the next phases of the game.

The statistics and feedback were nothing short of amazing! Not only did we complete over 100K races in 9 days…

…But we got some pretty amazing feedback and ratings from the community. 👇

Here are a few quotes from some testers:

“A new era P2E mobile game that replaces Pokemon. It all starts here.”

“Beyond my expectations.”
@! ! Tanty 🐾 SVoRA | 🦴 DOGA

“Web3 + NFT + Gaming = Dogami. A must-play!”

“I’m hopeful and excited.”
@Mr. Nobody | OGKC

The free to play version is planned for Q1, 2024.

Sunsetting DOGA House, New adventures await! 🌇

As we pave the way for the grand entrance of DOGAMÍ Academy, we say goodbye to the DOGA House.

Thank you for being an integral part of this remarkable journey we’ve shared together! This chapter has now reached its conclusion but these past 14 months have been a bedrock for constructing a better, more enjoyable, and scalable offering in DOGAMÍ Academy.

A few DOGA House stats:

  • Total number of dogs played in DOGA House: 6,565 🐶
  • Total number of players: 2,199 🎮
  • Total $DOGA distributed: 25656132.81877 $DOGA 🪙

The DOGA House will always hold a special place in both the team’s and the community’s hearts. It was the initial environment where our adopted Dogamí roamed, played, and were nurtured, akin to our care for real-life dogs.

From the Spooky Halloween DOGA House to the festive Christmas makeovers, numerous delightful memories have been made in the DOGA House! We’ll always treasure the dedicated players who meticulously cared for their Dogamí, the introduction of the GAP accessories, and the endearing quirks of the early Dogamí models (hello Super Poodle)!

As we bid adieu to this nostalgic chapter, let’s remember it’s not a farewell but an exciting prologue to a new beginning! ⭐

DOGA Council Approves New Staking Reward Schedule 🏦

The DOGA Council has approved an updated $DOGA Staking Reward Schedule. ✅

The proposal detailed a restructured plan for the distribution of staking rewards, a pivotal aspect in our token ecosystem.

The Council greenlit a new unlock schedule for $DOGA staking rewards. Initially, there were 160 million $DOGA tokens allocated for staking rewards, distributed over 120 months until March 2028. With the new schedule, this distribution period has been shortened to 96 months, depleting the 160 million tokens by March 2026.

We’ve covered this vote and the rationale behind it more extensively here.

Thank you once again to the DOGA Council for their invaluable vote and continued support.

Embarking on a Cosmic Journey with DOGAMÍ Points ✨

Last month we launched DOGAMÍ points, a system by which points are awarded to Dogamers for their heroic deeds — content creation, helping others online on the Discord and more.

Our impartial overseer (and Head of Social Media) Vincent will safeguard these invaluable points, while the honorable figures of Andy and Dionne are entrusted with their equitable distribution among you all.

A monthly leaderboard will be published soon to spotlight the most illustrious Dogamers and prizes may follow!

Head over to our Discord now to take part if you’ve not already joined.


Like every month, here’s October’s $DOGA and staking figures compared to last month!

  • $DOGA holders have decreased slightly by 0.31%
  • The amount of $DOGA staked has increased by +9,4% from last month, totaling 198.1M $DOGA staked
  • Current circulating supply: 362.7M $DOGA
  • Trading volume: $590,664

Thanks for reading everyone. Get ready to enter the Academy!

See you for the next Community Update!




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