Dogamí: The Future of Gaming is Here

Major advances in technology have always driven major developments in our culture, none more so than in the world of collectibles. We are currently at an extraordinary pivot point where a number of technologies and platforms are coming together to create something new, extraordinary and game-changing. Sitting at these crossroads of amazing opportunity, with a clear and innovative vision of how the future will unfold, is Dogamí.

By leveraging and converging the advances made in video gaming, decentralization, and crypto, we can catalyze the future world of converged gaming and collectibles, pushing it to become a revolutionary medium and a far more immersive, cross-dimensional experience.

Every collectible’s culture has been built on the best tech available at the time. With revolutionary access to mass printing and distribution, baseball in the late 1860s gave us the first collector cards. In the 60s, the advent of mass manufacturing of consumer goods enabled collectibles like Hot Wheels to flourish. 150 years after the first collectible cards, Pokémon Go entranced the globe with its AR mix of gaming. A collectible icon built on the core video game tech of Tamagotchi. In 2021, as the world marvels at the Summer of NFTs, play-to-earn blockchain gaming has brought a new wave of collectibles to the mainstream consciousness. Pioneering on the foundations of Bored Apes, CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks is Dogamí.

Collectibles and Nostalgia

Alongside the incredible impact of tech advancement, the other major power that changes the world of collectibles is that of Nostalgia. Nostalgia is a power. It permeates society; it is part of the human condition and is more relevant than ever. Nostalgia is the existential resource which enhances our present meaning by reminding us how good the past was. It is amplified by a constant media hullabaloo and a relentless supply of music, TV, and art which recalls an earlier time in our collective lives.

With flowers in their hair, a child of the 1960s had Troll Dolls, Manga, and HotWheels to while away the years. The disco children of the 1970s grew up in a different world and the collectibles changed accordingly; it was the decade of Hello Kitty and the Kawaii culture, GI Joe, Barbie, and Star Trek.

Then along came Mr. 1980 and Godzilla, Transformers, Star Wars, Pound Puppies, and The A-Team. It was the decade of the pink Power Wheels Corvette, Barbie’s Dancetime Shop and the Sega Genesis. The 90s introduced Masudaya Gang of Five robots, Tamagotchi, Furby, Japanese die-cast toys, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Power Rangers.

Analogue collectibles don’t last: A New NFT Collectible

The Visceral response you feel for a collectible from your youth works because of the ephemeral nature of most toys. Unless you had one eye on the future, or parents who grew up collecting baseball cards, there won’t be much left to your Barbie or G.I. Joe. Collectibles crumble; they become obsolete and fade with the passing of time and the whims of temperature and moisture, gravity and play.

This isn’t to take away from the power and beauty of collectibles. Anyone who has wandered around the collectible Mecca of Comicon, or watched TV from the Netflix age — shows created by nostalgia junkies, nostalgia in every scene, enticing us all with their promises of the excitement, safety and youthful exuberance of a different time — can testify.

Collectibles are awesome. But technology and life has moved on. As has community; belonging to a group has moved online.

The Dogamí Community

NFT collections are about community; bonding with like-minded individuals over a common interest. The social cohesion of digital art, pets and collectibles is driving the trend for ever-more creative NFT collections. Dogamí builds on this premise by providing owners with the platform to own, raise, and play with your own unique pet Dogamí. These scarce NFTs are always with you and live forever on the blockchain. Whether you are a ‘dog’ person or a ‘cat’ person, Dogamí NFTs are a collection of digital pets the likes of which we have never experienced before.

Flex your NFT

NFTs are changing the landscape of the Internet. But how we view them is static. From the blank walls of OpenSea and Rarible to the immovable army of Twitter avatars which give early adopters, collectors and impassioned investors a presence, something is missing; owners want to show off their NFTs, sew envy into their galleries. The newest buzzword in the Twitter-verse is the ‘NFT Flex’.

The AR/VR frame extension of Dogamí links the physical with the virtual and lets your Dogamí ‘flex’ its NFT muscles in your own environment (website, blog, game etc.) — creating a similar experience to the horse racing collectibles in ZEDRun. This exciting NFT addition works in unison with the tricks you teach your Dogamí. The more time you invest nurturing your dog, the more ‘flex’ your NFT will have. Sit, roll over, bark, jump, do a back flip, all of these and many more will be visible wherever you choose to house your Dogamí.

Play-to-earn gaming and DeFi

After all the fun of the fair, let’s talk about the reason so many are rushing to the NFT space: DeFi and play-to-earn gaming, both of which are key components of Dogamí. We aren’t naïve in that sense. Players will have the potential to earn attractive and scarce in-game rewards. And to ease your conscience, Dogamí is energy efficient. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by using only the greenest blockchain technology.

The Dogamí Financial Backers

Teams, backers and the communities which build up around a project are the true indicators of a successful launch and a quality NFT collection. Think about the artistic creativity behind The Bored Ape Yacht Club, the prowess of Charles Hoskinson at Cardano Foundation, the way Vitalik Buterin is the heir to the abdicated throne of Satoshi Nakamoto or the Hollywood glamour of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at Stoner Cats.

Dogamí is proud to have venture capital and private equity powerhouse Draper Goren Holm (Tezos DeFi solution StableTech, LunarCRUSH, Rivet, Plenty) and the renowned Blockchain Founders Fund financially backing the NFT collection. DGH and BFF are focused on helping advanced and original blockchain projects overcome obstacles, power through their roadmap and bring exceptional NFT collections to the people. These exciting partnerships are further proof that the Dogamí dog has a lot of bite.

However, this is just the beginning. We will be announcing new partners to the Dogamí team in due course, and not exclusively from the gaming and cryptocurrency industries. Fashion, food and sports are also on our radar. What’s even more exciting for the community side of Dogamí are the celebrities we would like to invite into the family. We can’t name them yet, but personalities well known for their affection to their pets will hopefully be flexing their own Dogamí NFTs very soon.

Get in Early: FOMO in NFT land

Stoner Cats sold out in 35 minutes. The secondary market for Pudgy Penguins was worth over $11 million in 24 hours. CryptoPunks need no introduction and you can buy loft apartments in Manhattan for the cost of a Bored Ape. Less famous, but no less technically proficient projects, sell out in hours. The whims and mood of Twitter NFT royalty changing the global feeling to an NFT project with a single tweet. Interest is growing and demand for this unique Dogamí collection will be high. Get in early.

Regardless of how you position yourself to the monster which is FOMO, its enticing power is driving the adoption of Cryptocurrency (the use-case and a wish for a financial utopian future isn’t on the radar for many of the new wallets, regardless of where we are on the adoption curve) and causing every Twitter conversation to have more NFT avatars leading the discussion.

If a dog is a human’s best friend — and those who have ever owned a dog can testify they are — then Dogamí could be your new NFT best friend.

We are aligning different technologies, platforms and behaviours in a revolutionary arc to create new, unimagined worlds and experiences.

If you are a curious NFT fan, gamer, collector or investor, click the link below to add your name on the waiting list and make sure to follow us on Twitter for news and updates. Get ready for the future of NFT gaming.

About Dogamí

The Future of Gaming — Welcome to the World’s First Petaverse!

Dogamí is an exclusive NFT game where you have true digital ownership of your game items. Join us now for a unique experience!

Make sure to stay up to date by following us on social media and joining our chats!







Contact for questions and inquiries.

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The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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