Enter the Petaverse: Dogamí Explained

The Dogs of Dogamí have come to Earth. They have brought their love and the need for human comfort. We will take their pods into our homes. We will feed them, care for them, train and breed them, increasing their numbers as well as their influence over our lives. Yet they are merely heralds of an even greater universe that exists just beyond our own, a cosmos of wonders, mysteries, and adventures beyond our imagination.

It’s a dog’s world 🪐 🐕

Welcome to the Future of Gaming and collecting where true ownership meets earning through nurturing. Dogamí takes the latest blockchain and NFT technology and creates an all-new, amplified gaming experience: the Petaverse.

The name ‘Dogamí’ was chosen as a portmanteau of the words ‘Dog’ and ‘Origami’, as, much like the Japanese art of paper folding. Dogamí offers unlimited possibilities in the way you construct your world and a sense of otherness, an opportunity for infinite world building experiences!

Own your path in the Petaverse 🔮 🗺️

The Petaverse is a unique virtual destination powered by blockchain technology where players can adopt, train, nurture, raise, and breed valuable and rare NFT dogs in a casual, mobile-first crypto gaming experience.

Raise your puppies in Augmented Reality, and bear the responsibility of your DOGAMÍ’s destiny. Every decision you take in the Petaverse has a direct impact on the future of your NFT. Through daily activities such as training, exercising and feeding, you contribute significantly to the uniqueness of your DOGAMÍ and develop its character step by step.

Unboxing the Petaverse: purchase land parcels, play mini games, venture into custom career paths, and most importantly, build new connections with like-minded collectors, NFT enthusiasts and crypto-gamers in a unique social gaming community. The Petaverse is rich in rewards like NFT accessories or DOGA (our native token) complimented by DeFi features such as Staking and Farming.

We believe in true ownership for all 🌐🔝

While at first, the Petaverse requires a team to integrate and establish the links between our world and theirs, the world of Dogamí is not designed to be controlled and moderated by the few. Through the Dogamí DAO, every community member of the Petaverse will have the chance to participate in the game’s development, vote on updates and additional features.

Our vision of Dogamí is that of a functioning economy in the Petaverse, where creators and highly engaged players can make a living while expressing themselves. We want to enable society to benefit from digital assets through a simple yet addictive game.

“Dogamí embodies a multi-IP of inter-transferable NFT avatars and platforms rich in color, diversity and creativity, where we can offer fashion, media, sports and lifestyle brands a canvas to express themselves in front of new audiences.”

— Kris Penseyres, CBO & Co-Founder

We are dedicated to delivering a one of a kind experience for all, regardless of cultures or backgrounds. Dogamí is setting the scene for a metaverse with infinite possibilities, a unique platform exclusive to dogs. Future-facing and nostalgic “licensed” accessories, music concerts, world-building and defining events accompanied by a unique narrative: these are the guiding principles on which we expect to grow the DOGAMÍ gaming experience.

Welcome to The Future Of Gaming, Welcome To The Petaverse! ⚡️🐕📈

Make sure to stay up to date by following us and joining our chats!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dogami

Telegram: https://t.me/DogamiAnnouncement

Discord: discord.gg/dogami

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dogami/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dogami/

Website: dogami.com/

Contact hello@dogami.io for questions and inquiries.

©2021 Dogami SARL

The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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The World’s First Petaverse. Welcome To The Future Of Gaming 🐕⚡📈

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