How to Bridge your Tezos $DOGA to Polygon

3 min readNov 15, 2023

This short tutorial will show you how to bridge your Tezos $DOGA Polygon.

Holding $DOGA Polygon allows you to trade on larger decentralized exchanges (DEX) through MetaMask for example, and soon enough you’ll be able to stake it on the DOGAMÍ website.

STEP 1: Open the bridge section from the website
Once you’ve logged in to the DOGAMÍ website, select “Bridge $DOGA” from the “More” menu. Then click “Bridge Now” on the following screen.

STEP 2: Connect your Tezos and Polygon wallets
You will be asked to connect your Tezos wallet and then a “destination” Polygon wallet.

When you click “connect my wallet” you will be asked to sign a transaction with whichever wallet you connect. The same process will occur when you connect your Polygon wallet.

If you don’t already a Polygon compatible wallet associated with your account (you will normally be prompted to do this when you connect to the DOGAMÍ website for the first time), download MetaMask and then use the first part of this tutorial to add the Polygon Network to MetaMask.

ℹ️ During the wallet connection:

  • If you are using the MetaMask extension: click on Browser wallet and choose MetaMask
  • If you are using the MetaMask mobile connection: click on MetaMask and follow the instruction on your mobile application.

Continue this process until you reach the bridge section.

STEP 3: Bridge your $DOGA
Select $DOGA Polygon or $DOGA Tezos in the “from” section and the amount you want to bridge. The estimated $DOGA fees are displayed at the bottom. Press continue and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

ℹ️ Bridging from $DOGA Tezos to $DOGA Polygon incurs some minimal fees that go to the service provider (TeraBlock). There is also a minimum swap amount of 1000 tokens whether you bridge from Tezos to Polygon or vice versa.

Choose the amount to bridge and sign the transaction (the minimum bridge amount is 1000 $DOGA)

A confirmation message will be displayed confirming that the tokens have been bridged. Users can check their balances by going to the menu in the top right-hand corner and clicking profile.

An example balance screen (the amounts here are fictive)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out the team on Discord.








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