How to Download and Play DOGAMÍ Academy 🎮

5 min readNov 7, 2023

This short tutorial will show you how to download and play the Early Access version of DOGAMĂŤ Academy exclusively for NFT holders. Start to train, and unlock $DOGA rewards now!

DOGAMĂŤ Academy is a mobile strategy racing game where DogamĂ­ and their human companions can enhance their skills, strengthen their bond and unlock their hidden powers.

How to Play 🎮

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Adopt a DogamĂ­ on Opensea or OBJKT
  2. Create an account directly on the DOGAMĂŤ website and associate your wallet.
  3. Download the game and start earning $DOGA:

Game Overview 🎮

Once you’ve downloaded the game and logged in, this is what you’ll see on the main screen in DOGAMÍ Academy:

Players race, train and compete in exciting obstacle courses to test their Dogamí’s six essential skills: Velocity, Swim, Jump, Balance, Might, and Instinct.

Let’s have a look at the basic game loop.

PvE Races 🎮

PvE races are played on a random track against bots of the same level as the participating Dogamí. You require energy for these races. Here’s how to play a PvE race.

  1. Select a DogamĂ­ (if you have more than one) with the arrows buttons either side of your DogamĂ­.
  2. Tap the large play button to see the race preview screen. It indicates the track composition and which skills of your DogamĂ­ are required.
  3. Equip up to 2 powers (if your powers match one of the skills required in the track preview) to activate in-game.
  4. Add a race consumable if you want by tapping +CONSUM to give your DogamĂ­ a boost for the duration of a race.
  5. Tap Start to play
Select a DogamĂ­, visualise the race preview, equip powers and activate in-game

Your finishing position in the race will determine the amount of STAR and XP you get to level up to the next level to increase the stats of your DogamĂ­.

When you level up, you unlock extra powers that you can use in races to become more competitive.

This DogamĂ­ got enough XP to reach level 2 and so they unlocked the EAGLE power

You can use STAR to train or race in PvP mode against other players. Let’s train our Dogamí next.

Training your DogamĂ­đź’Ş

Training enables you to enhance the skills of your choice using and specialize your DogamĂ­ in one or more skills and make it more powerful. You require STAR and energy for training.

  1. Select a Dogamí (this time we’ll use the 🔄 button).
  2. Tap the training button from the menu.
  3. Choose a Skill to train (here we have chosen “balance”).

4. You will see some information about your possible results (you may add a consumable to increase your results, keep reading for more information about that). Tap the “Train” button.

5. An animation sequence will show your DogamĂ­ training.

6. You will receive skill points (SP) based on the results. Here we have improved our Dogamí’s balance.

Training improves our Dogamí’s skills so they are better equiped to compete. Let’s race against other players in the PvP mode to win $DOGA.

PvP Races ⚔️

PvP pits your DogamĂ­ against others in events that last a certain amount of time. You finishing position in the overall leaderboard is not final until the event ends. PvP races require STAR and energy. Events have different prize pools in $DOGA.

  1. Tap the “events” button from the menu.
  2. Choose one of the events (we will choose B7).
  3. Equip up to 2 powers. This particular DogamĂ­ only has a balance power and no beneficial powers in the race.
  4. Add a race consumable if you wish (more on this at the end of the article).
  5. Tap Start to play.

DogamĂ­ will then appears on a results table at the end.

The positions are only final when the races are finished. From the events screen you can tap the bell icon to see event results and the $DOGA you have won.

The Events and results pages

Shop For Consumables 🛍️️

Before racing or training, players can buy consumables to give their DogamĂ­ an avantage.

  • Consumables can be purchased from the home screen by tapping the “shop” button directly
  • Choose either a training consumable (to improve focus during training) or a race consumable for a specific skill
  • Select the number you want to tap “purchase” to buy them for STAR

Purchased consumables will be added to your inventory. To use them during a race or training sessions, tap the +CONSUM button at the bottom of the screen beforehand and choose your desired consumable.

ℹ️ The feature to purchase STAR with $DOGA will be available in a few days. Stay tuned for an announcement.

👉 If you have any questions or issues playing the game, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team on Discord:

Thanks for reading Dogamers! See you in the Academy!








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